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Who Neuro Therapy Is For:

-->You've tried multiple other forms of therapy (massage, chiropractic, in-home exercises, etc) and are starting to worry surgery or a lifetime of painkillers are your only options.

-->You've already had surgery and it hasn't done much to improve the way you are feeling. The recovery is slower than expected, has stalled out, or actually has you feeling worse and worrying more than before.

-->You've just had surgery or gotten injured and are feeling like it will take forever to get back to the activity or performance levels you were at before (and maybe you're thinking about the risk of re-injury).

-->You experienced an injury and re-injured it when trying to return to high activity levels. Now, you want to recover as quickly as possible, but are concerned it could happen again.

-->A friend who's already experienced Neuro Therapy told you this is the best way to recover and you 100% need to try it.

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Peter Ghiloni

President and CEO, Swisher International

"I am now able to play golf PAIN FREE. In my wildest dreams, I never thought that would be possible... You will be surprised at how helpful this therapy is!"

The Neuro Therapy Session

Assess Movement

We assess movement to identify limitations and establish a baseline for improvement.

Scan Body

We scan the body to find what unique neurological protective mechanisms may be contributing to your pain.

See Results

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